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Lola & Pippin

because learning about horses should be MAGICAL!

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Written with children aged 4-10 in mind, this series of books are designed to teach the younger generation about horse care, saddle fitting and welfare using magical and whimsical tales. 

From Mr Percival Stormcloak the Saddle Sorcerer, to Dougal McPuff the fiery farrier... Lola and Pippin journey through the Enchanted Forest with all the magical creatures, having adventures... all whilst learning about horse care, saddle fitting, laminitis, other common ailments/first aid... and general horse welfare.

Out NOW - Lola, Pippin & The Saddle Sorcerer. Buy it here.
Coming Spring/Summer 2024 - Lola, Pippin & Dougal McPuff.

Coming Winter 2024- Lola & Pippin Activity Book

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