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'Poppy, What do you do?'.... I'm a saddle fitter... and a YouTuber. ;)

At. Last. At last. I have finally had the time to set up a YouTube channel, teach myself how to edit and upload videos, and replaced my cracked camera'd iPhone... And.... I am ready to rock and roll.

Pop along and see... videos are being uploaded every couple of days at the moment, as I make them on lockdown... and soon... soon... i'll be back at work and will film LOADS whilst i'm out and about.

Here's one for you to click onto... and then you'll see the channel... which you can 'subscribe' to, and even press the little notification bell which will inform you whenever I post a new one. Yes, I know, the thrill of getting a notification to say there is a video about why stirrup leathers stretch might be too much excitement to bear... but rest assured, soon I will be out there, making some 'how to' videos when I am not on lockdown, and then... hopefully... it'll be gripping. :)

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Loving the new website and YouTube channel! Very exciting, and great to see someone making good use of Lockdown!!!!

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